About us

The Department of Environmental Biotechnology develops advanced technologies based on biological systems to improve efficiency and reduce or utilise waste to benefit a wide range of industries and the environment. Utilisation of environmental biotechnologies will also be one of the most valuable tools for improving the quality of life for future generations by providing cost effective mechanisms for preserving and restoring natural resources.
Our department concentrates its research and commercial efforts in the following core areas: preserving and restoring natural resources, rapid in-field microbial detection and control, as well as development of bioprocesses such as bioremediation and industrial wastewater treatment. Some of the covered issues include:

  • Genetic variation of endangered species of flora and founa,
  • Remediation in environmental protection,
  • Genotoxicity of organic chemical compounds,
  • Treatment of sewage, sewage sludge and solid wastes,
  • Assessment of the impact engineeering and biotechnological undertakings have on the state and functioning of ecosystems.

The Department of Environmental Biotechnology brings together the multidisciplinary skills of researchers, engineers and industry participants to achieve rapid adoption of novel technologies in environmental, industrial, agricultural, veterinary, and medical applications.

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