Dr hab. inż. Dorota Kulikowska

+48 89 523 41 45
Research area: 

- evaluated of humic substances for soil washing
- investigated use of compost  for remediating soil contaminated with heavy metals (stabilization methods)
- analyzed organics and nitrogen transformation and assessed risk from heavy metals during sewage sludge composting
- researched humification progress during sewage sludge composting
- evaluated waste products (molasses, gliceryne) as external carbon source for nitrogen removal from wastewater with low C/N ratio
- improved nitrogen removal from reject water with a low C/N ratio, without external organic carbon
- improved methods of biological treatment of leachates from young and stabilized municipal landfills in reactors with suspended biomass (activated sludge) and in systems with attached growth biomass
- developed adsorption methods to remove non-biodegradable organics from stabilized landfill leachate

Teaching activity: 

Analytical Training, Design of Processes in Environmental Biotechnology

Research papers: 
  • Kulikowska D., Zielińska M., Adsorption and membrane filtration in the treatment of leachate from stabilized landfills: laboratory studies and full-scale experiments, Landfills. Environmental Impacts, Assessment and Management (ed. Chandler N.), Nova Science Publishers, New York, pp. 95-117, 2017
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