Dr inż. Dariusz Kaczmarczyk

+48 89 523 41 51
Research area: 

Aplication of the microsatellite markers in:
1) Estimation of genetic variations within domesticated stock of commercial important species (paddlefish), endangered populations of salmonids, sturgeons and small cyprinid species (lake minnow) and genetic distance between them
2)  Management of the genetic variation resources within commercial stocks and natural populations
3) Enrichment of the genetic variation, and preventing of the inbreeding events within commercial stocks by assemblage pairs of spawners pairs following to their individual genetic differences (microsatellite loci)
4. The verivication of gynogenesis and androgenesis results applying sets of  microsatellite markers

Teaching activity: 

Genetics, Ecotoxicology, and other subject ralted to Aquaculture, Molecular and Populaton Genetics

Research papers: 
  • Kaczmarczyk D., Wolnicki J., Genetic Diversity of the Critically Endangered Lake Minnow Eupallasella percnurus in Poland and Its Implications for Conservation, PloS ONE 12:1-16, 2016
  • Piasecka A., Brzuzan P., Woźny M., Ciesielski S., Kaczmarczyk D., Splice-acceptor site mutation in p53 gene of hu888 zebrafish line, Journal of Applied Genetics 56(1): 115-121, 2015
  • Kaczmarczyk D., Genassemblage software, a tool for management of genetic diversity in human dependent population, Conservation Genetic Resources 7: 49-51, 2015
  • Fopp-Bayat D. Kaczmarczyk D., Szczepkowski M., Genetic characteristics of Polish whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus maraena) broodstocks - recommendations for the conservation management, Czech Journal of Animal Science 4: 171-177, 2015
  • Ciesielski S., Bułkowska K., Dabrowska D., Kaczmarczyk D., Kowal P., Możejko J., RISA as a tool for monitoring of methanogenic Archaea changes in anaerobic fermentor, Current Microbiology 67: 240-248, 2013
  • Kaczmarczyk D., Fopp-Bayat D., Assemblage of spawning pairs based on their individual genetic profiles – as tool for maintaining genetic variation within sturgeon populations, Aquaculture Research 44: 677-682, 2013
  • Kaczmarczyk D., Gadomski M., Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 October 2012–30 November 2012, Molecular Ecology Resources 13: 341-343, 2013