Prof. dr hab. Paweł Brzuzan

+48 89 523 41 87
Research area: 

blue algae toxicity, gene expression and regulation, toxicogenomics

Teaching activity: 

Genetics, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Statistics

Research papers: 
  • Woźny M., Obremski K., Zalewski T., Mommens M., Łakomiak A., Brzuzan P., Transfer of zearalenone to the reproductive system of female rainbow trout spawners: a potential risk for aquaculture and fish consumers?, Food and Chemical Toxicology 107(Part A): 386-394, 2017
  • Brzuzan P., Florczyk M., Łakomiak A., Woźny M., Illumina Sequencing Reveals Aberrant Expression of MicroRNAs and Their Variants in Whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) Liver after Exposure to Microcystin-LR, PLoS ONE 11(7): e0158899, 2016
  • Florczyk M., Brzuzan P., Krom J., Woźny M., Łakomiak A., miR-122-5p as a plasma biomarker of liver injury in fish exposed to microcystin-LR, Journal of Fish Diseases 39(6): 741-751, 2016
  • Łakomiak A,., Brzuzan P., Jakimiuk E., Florczyk M., Woźny M., miR-34a and bcl-2 expression in whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) after microcystin-LR exposure, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 193: 47-56, 2016
  • Woźny M., Lewczuk B., Ziółkowska N., Gomułka P., Dobosz S., Łakomiak A., Florczyk M., Brzuzan P., Intraperitoneal exposure of whitefish to microcystin-LR induces rapid liver injury followed by regeneration and resilience to subsequent exposures, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 313: 68-87, 2016
  • Woźny M., Dobosz S., Obremski K., Hliwa P., Gomułka P., Łakomiak A., Różyński R., Zalewski T., Brzuzan P., Feed-borne exposure to zearalenone leads to advanced ovarian development and limited histopathological changes in the liver of premarket size rainbow trout, Aquaculture 448: 71-81, 2015
  • Piasecka A., Brzuzan P., Woźny M., Ciesielski S., Kaczmarczyk D., Splice-acceptor site mutation in p53 gene of hu888 zebrafish line, Journal of Applied Genetics 56(1): 115-121, 2015
  • Jakimiuk E., Radwinska J., Pomianowski A., Woźny M., Obremski K., Gajecka M., Brzuzan P., Gajecki M., Evaluation of selected serum biochemical and haematological parameters in gilts exposed per os to 100 ppb of zearalenone, Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences 18(4): 865-872, 2015
  • Brzuzan P., Woźny M., Wolińska L., Piasecka A., Florczyk M., Jakimiuk E., Góra M., Łuczyński M.K., Gajęcki M., MicroRNA expression profiles in liver and colon of sexually immature gilts after exposure to Fusarium mycotoxins, Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences 18(1): 29-38, 2015
  • Brzuzan P., Kramer C., Łakomiak A., Jakimiuk E., Florczyk M., Woźny M., c-myc in whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus): structure, expression, and insights into possible posttranscriptional regulatory mechanism, Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 41(5): 1155-1171, 2015
  • Brzuzan P., Góra M., Łuczyński M.K., Woźny M., Cyclopenta[c]phenanthrenes – Chemistry and biological activity, Chemico-Biological Interactions 204: 58-65, 2013
  • Obremski K., Podlasz P., Żmigrodzka M., Winnicka A., Woźny M., Brzuzan P., Jakimiuk E., Wojtacha P., Gajęcka M., Zielonka Ł., Gajęcki M., The effect of T-2 toxin on percentages of CD4+, CD8+, CD4+CD8+ and CD21+ lymphocytes, and mRNA expression levels of selected cytokines in porcine ileal Peyer's patches, Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences 16: 341-349, 2013
  • Wolińska L., Brzuzan P., Woźny M., Łuczyński M.K., Góra M., CYP1A expression in liver and gills of roach (Rutilus rutilus) after waterborne exposure to two phenanthrene derivatives, 1-methylphenanthrene and 4-methylphenanthrene, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 32: 1604-1610, 2013
  • Woźny M., Obremski K., Jakimiuk E., Gusiatin M., Brzuzan P., Zearalenone contamination in rainbow trout farms in north-eastern Poland, Aquaculture 416-417: 209-211, 2013