Od 1.01.2020 roku jesteśmy Wydziałem Geoinżynierii !!!


The Faculty of Environmental Sciences was officially named in 2012, however, its history reaches back over 65 years. The faculty maintains the high standards of its predecessors,  Faculty of Fisheries (1951-1970), Faculty of Water Protection and Inland Fisheries (1970-99), and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Fisheries (up to 2012). The Faculty is located within the renowned University campus and is equipped with modern and technologically advanced facilities. The current faculty has full academic rights. It is authorized to grant degrees up to doctoral level and beyond in the field of fisheries. Since 2013 the faculty has also been able to grant PhD in Environmental Engineering. Basic faculty activities include education and research in the fields of  ecology, biology, biotechnology and environmental engineering as well as publishing and disseminating scientific achievements. The Faculty maintains nationally and internationally recognized research projects that address several aspects of environmental engineering, biotechnology, fisheries and aquaculture.