Environmental Biotechnology

Degree to be obtained

Master of Environmental Engineering- specialization Environmental Biotechnology

We offer a Master’s course in Environmental Biotechnology for international students. Environmental Biotechnology is an exciting, fast-growing interdisciplinary field with excellent career opportunities. Our graduates with a Master’s degree in this field possess skills in engineering and molecular biology that are in demand in a wide range of industries and scientific fields. Our teachers have years of experience in teaching international students. They  are actively involved in the field, with a variety of ongoing research programs and many international publications. We are committed to both practical and theoretical education, so our Master’s students work with us on our research projects in our modern laboratories. Graduates from our program possess advanced knowledge of natural sciences. They have technical expertise in the field of biotechnology, including bioenergy technologies. They can solve problems related to the use of the natural environment using various technologies, including remediation. They use molecular techniques as a tool to draw conclusions about the state of the environment. When dealing with damage to the environment, they can identify the risks and take action to restore environmental balance. Our graduates understand the desirability of continuing education, professional development and international cooperation, and are well prepared for doctoral studies if they choose this career path. With this combination of skills and attitudes, our graduates are well prepared for a successful career in industry or academic institutions.

Program description 

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3 semesters (1.5 years)
We start in February 2018




The cost is 10 000 PLN (approx. 2350 EUR or 2700 USD) for the 1st year (two semesters) and 5000 PLN (approx. 1175 EUR or 1350 USD) for the 2nd year (one semester).


Online application 

Deadline for application February 2018


The course is open for applicants who have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree with 210 ECTS in one of the following subjects: biotechnology, environmental engineering, chemical and process engineering, environmental protection, civil engineering or any similar subject. The admission procedure requires the Bachelor’s Degree Diploma with a transcript of records.


For questions about these studies, please contact:

Dr Hab. Eng. Magdalena Zielińska
Faculty labsFaculty of Environmental Sciences
E-mail: magdalena.zielinska@uwm.edu.pl
Phone: +48 89 523 4185
Fax: +48 89 523 4131

Dr Hab. Eng. Agnieszka Cydzik-Kwiatkowska
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
E-mail: agnieszka.cydzik@uwm.edu.pl
Phone +48 89 523 4194
Fax: +48 89 523 4131

Why study at the UWM in Olsztyn

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● Over 65 years of Faculty history
● Hospitality to foreign students
● Poland is a member of the European Union
● Largest university in north-eastern Poland
● Located in the ”green lungs of Poland”, with many forests and 16 lakes in our city
● Most beautiful academic campus in Poland
● Unforgettable student festival held every May from 1959
● Low costs for accommodation and transportation


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